Below we have answered some of the most common questions we are receiving from our Facebook, phone calls, and emails.

If your question is not here, please feel free to reach out to us via telephone, email, or on Facebook.

Are you a legit organization?

We are a Congressional backed non-profit organization. We are members of the Sons of American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans.

We are normally out of the Veterans Hall in  Paradise , CA. Unfortunately due to the recent Camp Fire we are unable to be at our home location and currently working with a local company that has donated their office space to allow us to focus our efforts on our local Veterans.

What services are you providing to Veterans and their families?

Currently we have items that families may need such as toiletries, clothing, toys, and misc items.

We have a huge network of folks that are seeking items that people are specifically needing. We  try to focus on individual needs, rather than just large amounts of items for people to rummage through.

We offer resources for those Veterans that need services from the VA, or other military related items.

We are currently working on funding to be able to help with gas, food, and lodging.

Our resources and networking are why we are here. Do not hesitate to reach out, as we will do everything we can to help  you.

Where are you located?

Currently we are working out of a private company in Chico, CA. We are not posting the physical address to keep the extra foot traffic to a minimum for our gracious hosts company and clients.

But that does not mean we will not meet with  you or help you, just we are keeping our location a little more discreet.

How can people help?

Our most pressing needs are money for gift cards, grocery cards, and for the long tedious process of rebuilding. We do have a PayPal donation account set up or you can contact us directly for ways to send in checks. All donations are tax deductible, and we can get you a receipt if requested. Just click the button below.